Mittwoch, 2. April 2008

360 degr. look to Mumbai fair and PCP first impressions

Thanks again Vivek Dev Burman - he has sent me a little present, a 360 degr. panorama of our booth on Mumbai Photofair 2008. you can take a look here :
By the way my Girlfriend was pleased Vivek, no not what you think about, for the Indian dress.....;-)))

I´m writing this in Hamburg evening after the first PCP event in a nice location called "Edelfettwerk" which is a club, event center and disco, kind of stylish, just right for Photographers. Hamburg was rainy outside but inside the People were curious and asking a lot of questions, about our lenses and about aperture. I have a nice 30" Cinema display to showcase my pics with a superfast MacPro with 6 Gigs and quadcores - whew... Again people look to the Hartblei demo pics and are blown away. The new 2.1 Aperture does it´s own to support this, actually I think this is the best demo software available for Photographers to impress a customer.

Tomorrow I will go to Berlin and get close to were the friday show will be. I can walk to there , a little comfort after all this travelling. But one thing about the hotel booking engine - why oh why do they also start to change prices now if you book longer which actually should be cheaper for the Hotel ? This kind of pricing is a result of analysis of the customer who is driven as far as possible and squeezing every single euro out of them, similar to what the gas stations do now , rotating the prices sometimes several changes a day, or flight companies who have minutewise changes for their booking machines on the internet, to prevent customers to get a clear sight on price comparison. My comment: may be this gets you some extra buck for the moment, but this makes me angry and I´ll look elsewhere at the next chance I can, no happinesss factor for the customer, my comment for and Ibishotels : I will not book this again if I have the chance to change !

Greetings from Hamburg


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Capt Suresh Sharma hat gesagt…

Today, I stumbled upon your products while digging some material about `Tilt & Shift' lenses for macro photography. Your lenses look great and would love to possess them someday, as I love macro photography and snake photography. I would love to have all the details about the lenses. Hope one day, I can own some of them.