Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2011

Nice sharpness - rework your DSLR !

I have been quite lazy (busy?) the last year, so my blog was kind of left out, but today I want to talk about something which is a real improvement to your DSLR.
A year ago I ran into the German company Makkario:

They will rebuild your Canon, Nikon or Sony DSLR and remove the anti aliasing filter.
This will actually give you about 25-30 % more resolution especially with our high end lenses which do resolve this extra by design.

I am using this now with growing fun, it is probably the best 500 € laid down for a Photo equipment since a long time. No change in usage needed,everything working (even the sensor cleaning !) - highly recommended !

I also had my UV and IR Cut Filter removed from the 5DMK2 I´m using and this is opening a whole new world of photography to everybody. there are nearly no drawbacks (you have to use a seperate Bluegreen Filter in front of your lenses when you want normal color)

So take a look at their website, you will be very pleased.

Greetings from Munich


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munxbol hat gesagt…

I'm interested in the possibility of a "hartblei cam junior" without the sliding function. We currently use the Leaf AFi 10 (56MP rotating sensor) and are considering upgrading to the new Phase IQ180 providing the focus mask and live view functions make technical cameras more functional. Such a Hartblei junior would function as an adapter for lenses without leaf shutters. We would be intrigued to use our Canon 17mm T/S.