Dienstag, 11. September 2007

Blue skies - Kiev in September


As I write this I´m sitting here with my MBP connected to the Hotels Lan, it´s highspeed like in Munich, I just edited all my emails, actually making my stay even more like being at home (which is sometimes NOT an advantage ;-).
Kiev is a construction area, there are numerous new houses built, the whole city is humming of energy. Hartblei gets a lot of that with all pros and cons, prices raising but also new technologies being available here in Kiev making it more and more easy for us to produce our new lenses. And then there is the human resource !
I´m always amazed of how tough and professional the new young ukrainians work. Especially many young women who learn hard and work even harder. They are intelligent, speaking a bunch of languages and are willing to make it to the top. This is a country with a big future, remember my words.
And I feel very comfortable being here, no more as a guest but being part of this.
On the 30th of september there will be parliament elections here in Ukraine.
But no matter who will win, the process of opening to the west in the Ukraine is irreversible and also no party wants to go retro. So this will be the biggest advantage for this gorgeous country, to be able to show the world what its capable to achieve.

Too pathetic ? NO - I feel already a little bit blue and yellow.

Ochin priadna Ukraina


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