Samstag, 1. September 2007

The full format Week !

Hello again - and wow, what a week we had. Nikon has announced the full format D3 finally calling it FX, well but a poodle still stays a poodle right ? ;-)
Canon has finally launched/announced the D1sIII which had been expected last photokina.
And then there are already pictures of the new Sony Professional DSLRs which nearly everybody expects to be fullformat also.
Does anybody remember my prediction of about a year ago in my marketanalysys (powerpoint see on our website)? It seems I was quite right.
Now what does this mean for Hartblei ?
Well People will need quality lenses to use the capacity of their Canon, Nikon and maybe soon Sony bodies fully. Lenses which do not resolve the neccessary information will simply spoil all the additional pixels and render them useless.
The demanding task of the next years for the camera industry will be to supply high end quality lenses to their already very good bodies.
In former times the glass was known to be the most important and expensive part of your camera. In the age of plastic mounted consumer superzooms this knowledge has a little dwindled away.
But demanding pros all over the world who will use these 35mm cameras as their everyday tools now, will very easily aknowledge that an investment of a good lens pays back.

It did in the past, it does today and it will in the future.
We want to put back an investment into lenses to a level of security.
Expect hartblei lenses to be very stable in Prices, usable for many years and not loosing their value for a long time.

Tha´s what we are working for and partnering with a company like Carl Zeiss who´s intentions are the same as ours.
Quality pays off - believe it !

Greetings from Munich

Stefan Steib

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