Dienstag, 2. Dezember 2008

Full Format is coming heavily!

As I write this the new Nikon D3x has appeared. See here http://nikon.de/product/de_DE/products/broad/1726/overview.html. When we were starting the Hartblei Superrotator project over 3 years ago, I knew this would happen. The consequence was logical, the advantages too good to not go there. We have now 4 Over 20MP Bodies available from Canon,Nikon and Sony. We do lenses for all of these mounts and they work very well , especially with high resolution, where many lenses show they simply fail to resolve what these cameras can do.

I have today uploaded some samples of pics I did recently, there is a panorama and a cutout here http://www.flickr.com/photos/hartblei , I will do some more stuff with the 5D II as soon as I get mine (hopefully soon!) as well as with the new Nikons and the Sony.We are working right now with some pretty good and knowledgeable dealers, in this connection I want to welcome Andreas Tischer from Digitalstore Vienna http://www.knips.com who will also sell our lenses in Austria.

I have been on the Photoadventure in Vienna a week ago and did like the concept of the fair pretty much, combining outdoor photography and travel with trendsports.
Cool concept and nice people visiting to the booth, learned some new austrian words
(bad lens synonym: "Gösser-lens" - Explanation for the non austrians- Gösser is the biggest brewery in Austria...;-) whereas this was not attached to our lenses but after a look to my samples the customer declared compared to this most others are GL´s.......

Good as always: Austrian cooking, I´m lucky I do not live there, I´d gain 20 kilos in a month I bet.....Vienna what a city.

So this is maybe a perspective, maybe one day I´ll move there, but then I have to diet ;-)

Greetings from Munich


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