Montag, 15. Dezember 2008

New products out

Huuh, what a lot of work this was ! Now shortly before Christmas we have some rest and take a look back to this year. We were establishing our relationship to Phase One and I have to say it´s a really good and productive "One". Thank you Espen for your patience with us, we have now delivered the final product and it can be shipped away to Phase customers, we did all this in 8 months from our first meetings until the finished product. We changed nearly anything from the first prototype to now and I think we can be proud on the product - so also thank you Sergeji and your crew in Kiev.
We had a lot of difficulties to solve from the exchange rate crashing down on the Grivna up to Banking problems with Ukraines suffering economy.
But nobody should underestimate the will and improvisation that EX-GUS People are capable of. I think we could all learn a lot here in cosy old western world.
I believe the Ukrainian Economy will come back and be stronger than ever,they still have growth, lets wait where _we_ go next year here in Euro land or US or Japan.
Then we also managed to prerelease our new improved 35mm Models, to the dealers and already tested by some key users, getting nice results and a lot of feedback.
And now we officially launch them to the website and the endusers.
I will do some finetuning to the german and other language sites the next days, so please don´t wonder if there´s content appearing and dissappearing. Tomorrow hopefully i will redo the flyer in german and english, if anybody finds a mistake on the website you´r welcome to send me an email,slowly I´m getting blind on too much detail.
It´s time for a break now.

Yup- a little tired Stefan sends you greetings from Munich
I hope you all have time now to lean back and see wht this year was all about for you, for your families and friends.

Merry Christmas and a happy new Year



Eric Uys hat gesagt…

Your product looks awesome, do you know if there are any dealers in South Africa?

Stefan Steib hat gesagt…

Eric - at current we do not have a dealer in Southafrica, but we are right now working on establishing an international network of representations, so stay tuned.

INK hat gesagt…

While that is in the works, would you guys ship to Singapore by any chance?

Stefan Steib hat gesagt…

Hi Ink

shure we can, why not! Send me your email and address and I can provide more infos to you.