Mittwoch, 18. April 2007

It´s wednesday night and time for lunch......

am de dum de dum..........

Well, yesterday was Apple day, as a consultant I did what is most important: I listened to my customers, showcased Aperture for Apple and found out what Photographers would like to do. Namely do Photography more easily and get better tools to be creative and productive.
I guess this is also the reason I´m here, why Hartblei did this and why we work so much for this idea. From my career as  a producing "imager", I know that quality is something our customers expect automatically. But creativity is the song that makes you smile and shoots young photographic newcomers into the olymp of stardom. But now many companies tell you, you have to invest around 35 grands  and up to be able to take professional looking shots with medium format or viewcameras and backs. Not to speak of all the lights, your studio setup and all the other costs. And suddenly creativity shrinks to the numbers on your bank account. I say this is not fate. Take a look at the sample pics I have just placed on our website. The Lamborghini motor you find there, was shot by our customer Marc Stantien with a Nikon D2X and our Hartblei Prototype 4/40 TS. Shure you will still need a lot of light, a lot of work and plenty of knowledge and talent to do this, but at least there are about 25 thousend $ which do not have to be financed 
for a camera, a back and lenses. There IS an alternative. Save the money for yourself and for the other 10k$ buy a decent 35 mm Digital Body and the set of 3
of the new Hartblei lenses. This should do a lot for your mental health, 
your bank account and will make you sleep much better. 
Because somehow, most people preferre not to have these talks at banks, 
you know what I mean ?

With kindest regards to all Bankers worldwide


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