Montag, 16. April 2007

To blog or not to not a question

well-here I am. I´m blogging. Actually I have not much time for this as we prepare the launch of our new Hartblei website. A lot of pictures need to be sorted, cropped, placed, marked with text and uploaded. My Webdesigner goes mad with my 5 minutes text changes (my specialty!). The site grows like the internet Hype of 2000. Originally we wanted to do a small and fast Site, just to inform our customer about the most necessaryy things. Now.....the site is still fast. But we are digging into all the things that we have left aside for some time. How to launch an old Pricelist, ok lets write a new one. Wouldn´t it be nice to have a customer testimonial page, well if we have one, why shouldn´t we invite several ?.............
As you may guess if you have done this by yourself, this is the Black hole of work, the riddle of the lost nights, sleepless in Munich, just without Meg Ryan.
But as I write this there is light on the horizon. We have finished the structure now, the german part is nearly ready, there needs to be a translation to english, we still have to implement........ Launch should be wednesday or thursday..........ahhhhhh

Close to Madness

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