Dienstag, 24. April 2007

Pressrelease is out and spreading

Yesterday afternoon we kicked off the german Pressrelease. It has already spread to several other sites and was obviously taken very well by journalists. Of course I´m curious how it will work in the long run, means printed matter and other contacts for us.
We have now a dealer/s in Switzerland and France and I hope in Austria  and Italy soon.
There is a nice request on lenses and sets to go directly, dealers have ordered sets.
I think we will make quite a nice start. Now I still have to translate the whole website into english which is a lot of work, as well as the pressrelease which will be launched in english in a week or so.
I´ll be in Kiev from the 30th until the 4th of May, so if anybody wants to contact me then, please use my ukrainian Mobile number.

Still tired - but the show must go on


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