Dienstag, 24. April 2007

Pressrelease is out and spreading

Yesterday afternoon we kicked off the german Pressrelease. It has already spread to several other sites and was obviously taken very well by journalists. Of course I´m curious how it will work in the long run, means printed matter and other contacts for us.
We have now a dealer/s in Switzerland and France and I hope in Austria  and Italy soon.
There is a nice request on lenses and sets to go directly, dealers have ordered sets.
I think we will make quite a nice start. Now I still have to translate the whole website into english which is a lot of work, as well as the pressrelease which will be launched in english in a week or so.
I´ll be in Kiev from the 30th until the 4th of May, so if anybody wants to contact me then, please use my ukrainian Mobile number.

Still tired - but the show must go on


Freitag, 20. April 2007

We are online !

Ladies and Gentlemen -

I hereby proudly announce the availability of our new hartblei.eu site.
After blood,sweat and tears, after endless talks with Zeiss, my business partners, with our reference customers and whoever else was involved into this launch - it´s done !

www.hartblei.de  or www.hartblei.eu

Special Thanks to Mark , my Friend who has done the webdesign. I will now fall into my bed and sleep for 2 days, so if anybody wants to contact me, do it next monday..........;-)


Mittwoch, 18. April 2007

It´s wednesday night and time for lunch......

am de dum de dum..........

Well, yesterday was Apple day, as a consultant I did what is most important: I listened to my customers, showcased Aperture for Apple and found out what Photographers would like to do. Namely do Photography more easily and get better tools to be creative and productive.
I guess this is also the reason I´m here, why Hartblei did this and why we work so much for this idea. From my career as  a producing "imager", I know that quality is something our customers expect automatically. But creativity is the song that makes you smile and shoots young photographic newcomers into the olymp of stardom. But now many companies tell you, you have to invest around 35 grands  and up to be able to take professional looking shots with medium format or viewcameras and backs. Not to speak of all the lights, your studio setup and all the other costs. And suddenly creativity shrinks to the numbers on your bank account. I say this is not fate. Take a look at the sample pics I have just placed on our website. The Lamborghini motor you find there, was shot by our customer Marc Stantien with a Nikon D2X and our Hartblei Prototype 4/40 TS. Shure you will still need a lot of light, a lot of work and plenty of knowledge and talent to do this, but at least there are about 25 thousend $ which do not have to be financed 
for a camera, a back and lenses. There IS an alternative. Save the money for yourself and for the other 10k$ buy a decent 35 mm Digital Body and the set of 3
of the new Hartblei lenses. This should do a lot for your mental health, 
your bank account and will make you sleep much better. 
Because somehow, most people preferre not to have these talks at banks, 
you know what I mean ?

With kindest regards to all Bankers worldwide


Montag, 16. April 2007

To blog or not to blog......no not a question

well-here I am. I´m blogging. Actually I have not much time for this as we prepare the launch of our new Hartblei website. A lot of pictures need to be sorted, cropped, placed, marked with text and uploaded. My Webdesigner goes mad with my 5 minutes text changes (my specialty!). The site grows like the internet Hype of 2000. Originally we wanted to do a small and fast Site, just to inform our customer about the most necessaryy things. Now.....the site is still fast. But we are digging into all the things that we have left aside for some time. How to launch an old Pricelist, ok lets write a new one. Wouldn´t it be nice to have a customer testimonial page, well if we have one, why shouldn´t we invite several ?.............
As you may guess if you have done this by yourself, this is the Black hole of work, the riddle of the lost nights, sleepless in Munich, just without Meg Ryan.
But as I write this there is light on the horizon. We have finished the structure now, the german part is nearly ready, there needs to be a translation to english, we still have to implement........ Launch should be wednesday or thursday..........ahhhhhh

Close to Madness