Sonntag, 3. Juni 2007

Prices,Dealers and some other thoughts

Well after some weeks of inactivity, here I am back, some spare time to blog what happened. We have changed the prices, to react to the fact that many people requested to have a full guarantee, an inside the EU delivery and as the customs would have been added anyway we also combine that with the comfort of having the lens shipped to you - ALL included now.
That should give buyers in countries where we do not have dealers yet the same amount of comfort getting their hartblei lens as if they pick it up at their dealers places. Of course a good dealer is not to be replaced. He is the one who will help you out if you need some advice for your equipment,order a spare part or get the lens for testing in case of interest or just stop in to look for new stuff. The word service is very important to us. We hope that we have found some fine partners to supply photographers in the respective countries with our lenses and the best available service.
In the benelux this will be transcontinenta, ask for Aad Out, he is a great guy, and boy did we have a nice indonesian rice table in Amsterdam....cheers Aad !!!
In Switzerland we have 2 partners, one is the Sinar distribution company Tekno in Zurich, with Matthias Wagner, they know their stuff very well.
Then there is ARTE-TEC S.A. Stephan Weber in Delemont, he will be serving France and "Swiss Romande", he will also supply a french translation for the Hartblei website soon. As it happens to be, he also runs a company in Ukraine/Sewastopol and we can probably join some forces to build even better Hartblei products together.
Then there are our new bags(to be seen on the website very soon) made by munich Designer Ute Linck- -to present and protect our lenses in a very unusual way.

It´s a lot of work, people support our project and this is the place to say thank you for this.
Not to forget about Carl Zeiss and all the friendly people in Oberkochen who helped me when I needed them. Balschoi spassiba !!!

Greetings from munich