Samstag, 25. August 2007

Summertime - not so quiet as it seems !

Hi anybody who still believes in me and returns to this blog. I have been quite lazy the last few weeks (months?) but only with this blog, not with Hartblei.

In the meantime we have now placed demosets to all our dealers,you can go there and check the lenses out. And- quite nice also the SwissGerman "PHOTOGRAPHIE" has written a Market overview on Shift and Tilt lenses in their 09/2007 magazine, although this was not a complete test we got a nice compliment from the journalist:
"Hartblei is the new Reference for shift and tilt lenses !"
- Wow ! -

In the background we have now set up the orders for lenses with Zeiss to inshure we also can deliver enough lenses for all the people who want a Hartblei/Zeiss lens.

In this connection we also apologize to all the people who want to buy the russian lens versions. As Hartblei is a small company and our resources are limited, we do have severe problems to build both lens lines in numbers. At the moment our decision is to push the new Zeiss line and concentrate on thsi. We can take your orders (please contact Mike Fourman/Kievcamera in Atlanta) but there are delays.

We hope that this autumn the situation will be better and we will be able to fulfill all the orders we have received for the russian versions.

Hartblei Optica is only selling the Zeiss versions but as we caused the delays on the russian versions I feel somewhat responsible for that.

So here my apologies to all these customers !

Thanks for your patience.

greetings from Munich

Stefan Steib - CEO Hartblei Optica