Montag, 14. September 2009

Heureka - a CAM is born

After some months of silence, here I raise my voice again. Not because I did not have to say anything, but because I was so darn busy.
If you take a look at our new website, you will easily see what happened.
Hartblei has been pregnant and now given birth to something totally new, a medium format camera with a 35mm Nikon or Canon mount for the lenses.
I mean this sounds pretty crazy right ?

But after taking a close look to the fact that most backs use chipsizes well below 40x50mm it makes perfectly sense.

And- what was the dream of all Architecture photographers for some years?
Wider wideangles for MF ! If you use a Rodenstock 23mm that´s about as wide as you can get, but is this enough ? I would say NO !
Now we have a large scale manufacturer like Canon who has born a small miracle - a 17mm TS lens which seems to be a real gem. sharp (nearly)distortion free and "only" 2500 € which I believe is a bargain for this lens. Now what can we do with this and a camera which uses an EF mount and a Medium format back up to 60 MP ?
Yummy ! To make this even better, we have cooperated with Nurizon and their new Acolens software V2 Supershift will support our Camera. tata !

I think this will wake up some people in the industry, we will see what the big boys will do. At the moment I sit here with a big grin in my face and send you

Greetings from Munich

Stefan Steib