Montag, 17. November 2008

A long summer break...;-)

Welcome back to my blog, which was kindof deserted for some time.Shere lack of resources I´d say and being flooded by work.
Actually I just returned from the Canon Roadshow 2008 running through 8 german cities.
We are launching new products right now- wait a little for the website to catch up (see sentence Uno por favor...;-).
We also launched a new 45mm medium format TS Superrotator for the Phase One sales channel exclusively. There will be more to come from that cooperation, we are now delivering the announced lenses, kinda hercules work for such a small company.

But some thought to existing readers. Hartblei is slowly getting into the knowledge of photographers. They are realizing that their new full format chips will not get them anywhere if there is no decent glass delivering detail.

We are going a long way for that purpose, making no compromise not for quality nor for economy, yes the prices are "substantially" but I think (and a growing number of happy users does the same) there can only be ONE "the best possible Quality".
Maybe we are chasing an ever moving target here, but we get closer.

I also wish we could do this kind of quality for a budget and deliver this to thousends and thousends of Photograpers making them happy. But right now we can´t.

My apologies to them, for the rest who decide to buy us anyhow:

Thank you for your trust and your pictures you take with our lenses.
This is the best reward for us !

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