Montag, 14. September 2009

Heureka - a CAM is born

After some months of silence, here I raise my voice again. Not because I did not have to say anything, but because I was so darn busy.
If you take a look at our new website, you will easily see what happened.
Hartblei has been pregnant and now given birth to something totally new, a medium format camera with a 35mm Nikon or Canon mount for the lenses.
I mean this sounds pretty crazy right ?

But after taking a close look to the fact that most backs use chipsizes well below 40x50mm it makes perfectly sense.

And- what was the dream of all Architecture photographers for some years?
Wider wideangles for MF ! If you use a Rodenstock 23mm that´s about as wide as you can get, but is this enough ? I would say NO !
Now we have a large scale manufacturer like Canon who has born a small miracle - a 17mm TS lens which seems to be a real gem. sharp (nearly)distortion free and "only" 2500 € which I believe is a bargain for this lens. Now what can we do with this and a camera which uses an EF mount and a Medium format back up to 60 MP ?
Yummy ! To make this even better, we have cooperated with Nurizon and their new Acolens software V2 Supershift will support our Camera. tata !

I think this will wake up some people in the industry, we will see what the big boys will do. At the moment I sit here with a big grin in my face and send you

Greetings from Munich

Stefan Steib

Donnerstag, 26. März 2009

Final Versions Zeiss approved

After 3 years of hard work I can proudly announce that we have met the needs of our partner Carl Zeiss, we offer great MTF values in all tolerances now (down to 5% symmetrie which is superb !) even with our complex TS mechanics .
The 40mm delivers 200 LP/mm which is outstanding, probably one of very few lenses on the Photomarket which can reach this.

More reason to be proud: we made it to the top news on DPReview:
There will be an in detail test of our 120mm soon.

And the specialist for highend lensreviews with an indepth knowhow about Zeiss lenses will also get a test kit from us.

We have new partners now for Sales : there is Fotograf Dunyasi in Istanbul to whom I send a warm welcome, they are a large and competent supplier in Turkey, so thanks to Mr. Celtikci who was initiating this.

We are also close to get a new Japanese/Hongkong/China and USA distribution which is very good news more to this later.

And then we have available again our Color and Sharpnesstargets which are a real help for using your camera best at repro or all precise color work.

We will not stop here. There is the wideangle(28mm) we are working on and even a longer lens(180mm Sonnar) is one of my personal favourites. If you want to vote for this and leave a comment.I know this lens is legendary and with good reason.

So tell us what you think and drop a note here or at

Greetings from Munich

Samstag, 17. Januar 2009

Canon 5D Mark 2 or Video has reached our TS lenses

Today I unwrapped my new 5DII with a nice BG-E6 Grip and extra (expensive) batteries. After some tests (I already had a 5DII at Dinkels Presentation last year for a day) I quickly dug into the video stuff and now I have a problem. I think I either have to learn FinalcutPro or Premiere, because this output is so amazing, I think it will not leave me just store the files on my disks, now I want MORE ! And as you certainly can imagine the Hartblei lenses run into a new height of imaging quality here. Now you can literally see the smoothness of the real detail MOVING......... bosche moi it´s so nice.
I was a photography guy for the last 35 years. Well now it´s time to learn something new ! If I interpolate the time I have spent with photography to taking films now I´m a little afraid.... but nicely and Excited and I cannot wait to go on and do it.

There are some crazy guys in the US who do these Pro/film adaptions for the Canon 5D bodies, there is a lot of videoequipment (steadicam stuff and car mounts, smooth moving tripod videohead and a good mike I will need). So the camera is actually only the starter, Oh my and I need another bit of space in my appartment where to put this all....

So Life is interesting here, we are expanding our dealership, I welcome Volker Braun, Ex Sinar doing our lenses in Northern Germany now, we are in Contact with some more countries now and hopefully we will also settle down in the US of A soon.

Greetings to the new president and all my best wishes, he has a huge lot of work to do and I hope Amerika will solve it all.

greetings from Munich