Donnerstag, 24. April 2008

PCP Dealers and Tryouts

After the PCP Tour is over now, my resumee is absolutely positive. We have now got good contact to all the PCP Group Members, won most of them as our dealers and thus enable potential customers to take a look at our lenses and try them out.
This will tell more than words and all demo material made by us, the customers can directly decide if they like it or not, for their kind of work and their needs.

On the tour we got direct contact to many companies who are now aware we are doing our thing, yes we even got an invitation to join the Canon roadshow for autumn 2008.
The cooperation with Apple was a big success, my demos on Aperture and the MacPro with a 30" cinema display were giving many people an idea of what these lenses can do if you connect them to the right workflow.
This was combined with a real content demo tethered shooting with our lenses and immediate manipulation and correction of the resulting files with Aperture, blazingly fast and uncomplicated.

I want to thank all the PCP Members for these shows, their work and engagement and preparation. Special thanks to Melanie Grage from Probis Hamburg who was looking after all and everything at the same time.

There were a lot of real Pro´s attending for the shows, I answered many questions and met some of our new customers, who sometimes took over the demo and enthusiastically told their colleagues about their experiences with their new lenses (Frankfurt...;-)

Again : because I want to say this is only possible with the good work my partner Sergeji is doing in Ukraine - ochin priadna - very much pleased - and balschoi spassiba - many,many thanks. I think we are on the right way !

Greetings from Munich


Mittwoch, 2. April 2008

360 degr. look to Mumbai fair and PCP first impressions

Thanks again Vivek Dev Burman - he has sent me a little present, a 360 degr. panorama of our booth on Mumbai Photofair 2008. you can take a look here :
By the way my Girlfriend was pleased Vivek, no not what you think about, for the Indian dress.....;-)))

I´m writing this in Hamburg evening after the first PCP event in a nice location called "Edelfettwerk" which is a club, event center and disco, kind of stylish, just right for Photographers. Hamburg was rainy outside but inside the People were curious and asking a lot of questions, about our lenses and about aperture. I have a nice 30" Cinema display to showcase my pics with a superfast MacPro with 6 Gigs and quadcores - whew... Again people look to the Hartblei demo pics and are blown away. The new 2.1 Aperture does it´s own to support this, actually I think this is the best demo software available for Photographers to impress a customer.

Tomorrow I will go to Berlin and get close to were the friday show will be. I can walk to there , a little comfort after all this travelling. But one thing about the hotel booking engine - why oh why do they also start to change prices now if you book longer which actually should be cheaper for the Hotel ? This kind of pricing is a result of analysis of the customer who is driven as far as possible and squeezing every single euro out of them, similar to what the gas stations do now , rotating the prices sometimes several changes a day, or flight companies who have minutewise changes for their booking machines on the internet, to prevent customers to get a clear sight on price comparison. My comment: may be this gets you some extra buck for the moment, but this makes me angry and I´ll look elsewhere at the next chance I can, no happinesss factor for the customer, my comment for and Ibishotels : I will not book this again if I have the chance to change !

Greetings from Hamburg