Donnerstag, 30. Juni 2011

Clarifications about the status of Hartblei

This is a copy of a letter I wrote in the getdpi forum first and also posted this to the pentax forum today. Obviously there is a wide confusion about the status of Hartblei which I hope to solve with this:

"Hello from Munich

Just to shed some light on this unfortunate mixup (I know - this is why we are rebranding the professional part "" to HCam, I hope we will have this done soon) you can already reach on also. is the original website of Hartblei Kiev, run by my Ukrainian business partner Sergeji Naumenko and his son Vitalyi (privjet Vitalyi), they build the superrotators, they always have built it and they will build it. The 45mm TS is a very good lens no matter what some tell about it and can be bought exclusively new as some other lenses with russian glass on their website plus you can reach them on Ebay : or here
Hartblei Kiev also builds the Zeiss versions, but these are sold exclusively through my website : now to be We also build the HCam versions (in Italy) and now the HCam Mamiya RB/RZ-645 adapter (in Hamburg).

now is the former website of hartblei, but unfortunately hold hostage by a former business partner Mr. Pissarenko, hosted in Slowakia and not having any Hartblei products at all. What they try to sell is scam, old Kiev bodies, arsenal stuff and cheap adapters, stay away ! same applies to the so called Hartblei Macro-Tilt and Hartblei shift adapters: they are marketed by some people around ARAX and former Hartblei dealer Michael Fourman , now to be found on several addresses on ebay. Hartblei has stopped any business with them, but they use the name anyway, but unfortunately it gets even more complicated, there are some dealers on ebay who also try to sell the lenses, all this makes the situation a real mess.

Hcam will sell the Hartblei Zeiss versions, but the HCam site, brand and the company will be separate from this chaos, this needs to be made very clear.
I always write in my own name and as such show exactly who is behind our products. anybody can email me, call me, skype me or get in contact by linkedin or facebook. I think this is essential.

Hcam does German/EU standards guarantees, support and consulting for
large companies setups, pro photographers and museums and libraries.
I have also specialised in digitalisation of cultural heritage/books and paintings, I am also an Apple certified trainer for Aperture and working with most of the largest brands in the business.

Hope this helps

Stefan Steib -"