Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2008

Freelens, India and Aperture 2.0

Yesterday evening I was attending a meeting of german photographers association Freelens in Munich. Besides meeting some interesting guys who told a lot of stories on todays job of a photographer, I had the chance to showcase my lenses and get some reactions. Most were I´d say very positive, only the price of our products is making the people stop buying them immediately. Well - that´s were our dealers come in. You can now rent our lenses at several places in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (more to come soon). So it´s fairly easy to find out if it´s worth owning them or if you only need them once in a while.
Besides that pro talk, it was a nice evening and we discussed a lot of things, about motocycles (did I mention I ride an old BMW ? ;-)))) and funny stories which happen in this crazy job that we all love.
For Photographers interested

Tuesday afternoon 4.00pm was an important date for Aperture users worldwide. Version 2 popped up on Apples website (store first....:-))) and after some quirks with sent out 1.5 activation numbers.... I finally managed to run the new prog.
Huuh - There must be pain now in Kopenhagen, Göteborg, Rochester and Jena. Aperture 2 features the coolest built in tethered shooting mode available for any usual DSLRs. It´s fast, it delivers full control on your camera- the features do match a leaf-capture, capture one or sinar software,if not surpass them (database wise) and the package goes for 199 €......... autsch/gotcha.

An announcement on new Hartblei activities: we will attend the Mumbai 2008 Photofair 13-16.02.08 in India which is the largest Indian show for this fast develloping market. So anybody in asia interested to see us - come there to the booth of Even systems , all info requests about the show and hartblei in India send to Jaswant Vaghela Telefon/Phone +91 22 67103383 Mobile +919867181921.

Greetings from Munich