Samstag, 17. Januar 2009

Canon 5D Mark 2 or Video has reached our TS lenses

Today I unwrapped my new 5DII with a nice BG-E6 Grip and extra (expensive) batteries. After some tests (I already had a 5DII at Dinkels Presentation last year for a day) I quickly dug into the video stuff and now I have a problem. I think I either have to learn FinalcutPro or Premiere, because this output is so amazing, I think it will not leave me just store the files on my disks, now I want MORE ! And as you certainly can imagine the Hartblei lenses run into a new height of imaging quality here. Now you can literally see the smoothness of the real detail MOVING......... bosche moi it´s so nice.
I was a photography guy for the last 35 years. Well now it´s time to learn something new ! If I interpolate the time I have spent with photography to taking films now I´m a little afraid.... but nicely and Excited and I cannot wait to go on and do it.

There are some crazy guys in the US who do these Pro/film adaptions for the Canon 5D bodies, there is a lot of videoequipment (steadicam stuff and car mounts, smooth moving tripod videohead and a good mike I will need). So the camera is actually only the starter, Oh my and I need another bit of space in my appartment where to put this all....

So Life is interesting here, we are expanding our dealership, I welcome Volker Braun, Ex Sinar doing our lenses in Northern Germany now, we are in Contact with some more countries now and hopefully we will also settle down in the US of A soon.

Greetings to the new president and all my best wishes, he has a huge lot of work to do and I hope Amerika will solve it all.

greetings from Munich