Sonntag, 10. Juli 2011

HCam-B1 test images on GetDPI

Last thursday I got visited by Christopher Hauser, a young and talented Photographer from Munich who brought his Phase One IQ180 with 80 Mpix, so we could put this on my HCam-B1 and try some architecture. The weather was perfect, I had already spotted an interesting site close by, so after a short ride with Christopher´s G-Mercedes (nice car BTW) we arrived at the O2 building (highest in Munich) and the close office buildings which we wanted to shoot.
We did 2 setups from 2 different angles, with both 17 and 24mm canon TS lenses.
After about an hour we had done what we wanted to see , including a test whiteshot (unneccessary as Christopher found out) and several variations with different shift amounts and exposures, a well as tries with some additional tilt which with the 17mm is mostly luxury it seems (at least at near infinity).

You can find the thread, more data and images here:

In short I like that IQ180 a lot - only problem is the price tag. Well let´s see
how many cameras we can sell - maybe there is a big sock on christmas eve for little Stefan.....;-)

Greetings from Munich


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