Mittwoch, 31. August 2011

iPhone showing the way for future modular Cameras

I happened to get my iPhone 4 about a year ago now, since then it has changed my communication habits quite a lot. I have centralized my several addressbooks, got all the apps to have a complete working office in my pocket, fax, scanner, database, VOIP, Skype and much more.
But what really amazes me most, is the camera - and - it´s recognition around peripheral makers. During the last days there were 2 really impressive launches of people whom you probably would not expect to do iPhone gadgets. first comes from the inventor of the Steadicam - Garrett Brown - a shrunk down mini steadicam to stabilize the iPhone.
See e.g. here:
and here

And as if the other industry part - the audio people - have a lot of fun with their iPhones as well, Fostex , a company well known to the audiophiles has launched a microphone module now that enables the iPhone to catch high quality stereo sound, use it for interviews or other tasks that were previously impossible with the built in Microphone.

Why am I talking about iPhones ? Well this shows us the way to future modular cameras, I wish Hasselblad and PhaseOne/Leaf would take a close look to this. Innovation is not about more and more megapixels. It is about new concepts of cameras with usability, workflow, modularity and electronic interfaces to get this camera of the future to be a real communication device. Imagine an IQ180 with a dock for an iPhone 5, which enables (maybe) LTE and Wifi data transfer, gets firmware or correction files for attached lenses directly to your camera or checks in your or your Imageproviders database if you may need this for stockphoto or a possible customer who searches for this.

Putting Camera technology into the 21st century Data cloud, finally leaving the analogue camera where it belongs, in a museum. Lets face it, a camera which is still able to use film will not work for future concepts. The roots must be cut to achieve a better digital image and most of all an integration into future concepts of connected photography usage.

Some people don´t want to hear this, they think this idea will go away, if they just close their ears long enough. It will not. The proof is this little iPhone.

and- maybe if you close your ears too long nobody will speak to you again about Prophotography it will just happen elsewhere and with other gear, see RED´s new modular concepts or Arri Alexa M or cameras like Sony´s new Nex 7.

Hcam will follow these ideas, we are working on Modular versions, open the next B2 and then B3 versions to the Internet, Wlan and remote control. I hope we have company from the existing Pro camp. Lets see.

Interesting times we live in.

greetings from Munich
Stefan Steib

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