Samstag, 10. September 2011

See the writings on the wall

Some people may have already mentioned I am radically supporting new concepts for cameras and also demanding these changes to happen ASAP - because the market will tell what the truth is- now this is done and proved by someone else - here is a link to

Canon Hanging on to Mirrors Means Opportunity for Sony, Panasonic Cameras -
Canon Inc. and Nikon Corp., the world’s two biggest makers of high-end cameras, may be missing out on the industry’s biggest technology shift since film rolls became obsolete.

Now even the rumour of a Nikon Mirrorless camera helps the Nikon Stock to climb:

see also here:

and here:

I think the fog is already lifting, companies like Ricoh are also showing the way with their modular concept.

OK- enough links.

Greetings from Munich


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